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Don’t Wait to Celebrate

I’ll be glad when it’s the weekend. I’ll be glad to get started on the cleaning. Who knows? Maybe John will take me on a date. And maybe he’ll finally put that life-size dancing, singing Santa Claus away that he insisted on installing in our living room during the Christmas season. I’ll be glad if I can also get him to take at least of couple of deer mounts off the wall so that our living room looks a little less like a wildlife museum. Either way, I’ll be glad to get the housework done. Then I can get started on my sewing projects; I’ll be glad to get those things wrapped up so I can start on some new ones. And then there are the blog posts and the other writing and the grocery shopping and the music practice and church and whew! I’ll be glad to get back to work on Monday.

Do you ever talk to yourself like this? We take stock of the barriers we have to overcome and think, I’ll be glad when that’s behind me. It’s a form of comfort, I guess, that we won’t always have such-and-such to start or finish. But it also keeps us from relishing the journey, from living now, from celebrating in the moment.

What are you waiting for?

Rather than saying, “I’ll be glad when the house is paid off,” rejoice now that you have a place to lay your head. Rather than saying, “I wish I could walk further or faster or leaner,” rejoice now that the Lord has blessed you with strong legs, a solid heartbeat, and a powerful set of lungs.

Don’t always look to what you have to accomplish. Rejoice now in what accomplishments you have already gained. There is no better time to celebrate God’s goodness in your life than now.

I remember reading a story years ago, one that seems so appropriate to share here. The author set the stage of a man in his bedroom, pulling a box out of a drawer. In the box was a beautiful camisole and panties set…all lacy and silky and glittery and lavish. The man remembered when he gave it to his wife and how she had gasped with delight over the gift’s delicacy. She had said then that she would put it away for a special occasion.

The man reasoned there could be no more special occasion than this. He packed the contents of the box with the dress he would take to the funeral home, in preparation for his wife’s burial.

Don’t let this happen to you. Banish the phrase I’ll be be glad when… from your vocabulary. Don’t wait to celebrate. The “good life” is now.

Your Inspiration Prompt: Until next time, tell us what phrase you’d like to banish from your vocabulary.

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