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The Knot Prayer

I wish I could take credit for this truly inspirational prayer, or at least give credit where credit’s due. But I have no idea who wrote it. Anyway, I hope you like it can identify with it can use it to overcome the knots…er, nots…in your own life. Dear God, Please untie the knots that […]

The Dream of the Oversized Frog

Okay, so I had this dream. In the dream, John and I had bought a property that hosted two houses. One was a small, blue house with cool, diamond-grid windows a dutch door and weathered, wide-board siding (clearly my favorite of the two) The other was a large, yellow house, with an outdoor stairway leading […]

Princess for a Day

Have you ever had a steak that you could cut with a fork? One that would melt on your tongue, like butter? I had the first one of my life on my 50th birthday. John wouldn’t say where we were headed when we started out for dinner, but he told me to wear something a […]

A Half Century? Already?!?

You might believe that Fifty is the ultimate “F” word. But I’m expecting that Fifty will be Freaking Fabulous. You might think that my wild oats have turned to mush. But, hey! Have you heard about all of the wonderful benefits of oatmeal? You might say that, after fifty, everything that doesn’t hurt doesn’t work. […]