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A Little Bit About Me

First Day of KindergartenI’ve been telling stories almost as long as I could talk. The first tale I remember spinning involved a sink in a car – you know, like mounted in there, complete with running water. I was about four years old.

We had been working on a special children’s presentation for church. Our coordinator asked if she might keep me after, to work on my “special number using the mics.” She told my mom she would bring me home when we finished.

Yes! I get to hold a microphone!

Thus began a long life of microphone hogging, stage presence, fighting to be the center of attention, and …but I digress….

Thrilled to be paid this special attention, I came home on a cloud, at least until I walked through the kitchen door.

My brother and sisters swarmed me, bragging about how the family had gone for ice cream on their way home. Rather than suffer one-upmanship, I concocted an elaborate story about how I had enjoyed ice cream, too – a banana split no less, oozing with hot fudge sauce, caramel, fruit, and nuts.

“You did not!” my sister said. “If you had, you’d have chocolate all over your face.”

Gulp…she has me there…well, maybe not...

“Shows how much you know,” I said, rising to my full 37.5 inches and jutting out my chin. “Mrs. So-and-So has a sink in her car.” When my sister bought this line, I knew I had found my calling!

Some people might accuse me of lying. I preferred to think of it as creative fabrication for the stimulation and edification of the listener. Or, put another way, Fiction!

I wrote poetry books and story books in grade school, and my mom would make fabric covers for them. I wrote a play, involving my classmates in casting, props, and presentation. My favorite classes in high school were Creative Writing and Rhetoric. I was “on staff” for the high school newspaper, editorializing on such weighty and controversial issues as teen pregnancy.

As much fun as I had with writing, the thought of pursuing it as a profession never crossed my mind during college. I opted for a more traditional path, setting my writing aside as I focused on marriage, children, and career. It wasn’t until several years into my chosen field of Human Resources—my children now teenagers—that my hunger for self-expression through writing meandered out of its dormancy. Encouragement from friends and family reignited my imagination and inspired me to put pen to paper again.

I have written for:

  • The Secret Place, a devotional periodical distributed by Judson Press
  • West Michigan Christian News, a weekly newspaper with both print and online distribution
  • The Norton Shores Examiner, where I contributed a monthly All Things Michigan column

I have completed the Apprenticeship program with the Christian Writer’s Guild and am a loyal participant with Word Weavers, a nationally recognized writers group, with a chapter in West Michigan.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Human Relations and am certified as a Senior Professional of Human Resources with the HR Certification Institute. My current role as the Sanctuary Educator with Trinity Senior Living Communities involves writing and curriculum development.

My husband John and I live in Grand Haven, MI. In addition to reading and writing, I love walks on the beach or in the woods, campfires, gardening, and baking. I also spend way too much time at the local McDonald’s. My dog Gus gives me unconditional love, and I learn something new every day from my grand-babies, Lincoln and Graham.

If I make a conscious effort to look for it, I find inspiration somewhere every single day. You can, too. Join the community here at We’ll turn every stone in our ordinary lives, to discover the beauty around us.