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Slivers and Splinters, Thistles and Thorns

Okay, so my son is probably going kill me for telling this story. But isn’t telling embarrassing stories about her kids a mother’s rite of passage? Anyway, Jason was about 10 years old and had asked to go to the skateboard park in town. Neither my daughter nor I possessed any of the physical prowess […]

The Grief and Growth of Letting Go

You have to know this tree to really love it. Love it like its family does. Or did. When the kids and I first considered moving into our home in 2002, reeling from a marital separation that would eventually end in divorce, it was the tree that drew us – or me, at least. Perfectly […]

Schooled by a Kid: Four Steps to Transparency

Kids are the cutest, aren’t they? It’s always amazing when they teach you something, something you kinda sorta know but can’t quite define. My grandson, Lincoln, schooled me not too long ago. You would have thought we were Mickey and Minnie Mouse when we popped in to see my daughter’s family. The kids went nuts, […]

Putting the Price on a Dream

I don’t know. Is there something a little “off” about all of this? Do people do this all over the world? Do people in other countries, for instance, actually pay to park their vehicles and then willingly part with more of their hard-earned cash for the privilege of walking around for hours, listening to one […]

Thirteen Hours

Thirteen Hours — compressed into a 144-minute cinematic re-telling — relives the events of Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012. In this post-Gaddafi Libya, Benghazi’s American diplomatic outpost was among 12 sites on the worldwide critical list, meaning they were inadequately secured and vulnerable to attack. And yet, on September 11, nothing had been done […]