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Mom’s Mints

Stomach flu…it had been so long. You forget how it wrings you of all your strength. You’re afraid to move, fearful of making the nausea worse. You begin to wonder if you’re over-reacting, over-exaggerating. Do you always feel like this? Are you just making a big deal about it right now? Will this roiling feeling […]

Who’s The Victim?

One way my husband and I plan for our financial future is investing in real estate. Nothing fancy. Just modest rental properties where folks can live with dignity. We’re hoping one day to live off the profits, but we pretty much invest everything back into the homes these days. When we first got into this, […]

I Feel, I Think, I Want

I can’t walk into a McDonalds any given morning without stumbling on a group of old guys razzing, debating, and generally enjoying one another. It typically spills onto me, and I love it. It makes me feel like I’m home no matter where I am. In my McDonalds, they call me Computer Lady, though one […]

In Defense of a Mother’s Temporary Insanity

We were sitting in McDonalds, my daughter and I, while yet another Blizzard of 2014 howled outside the vast plate-glass windows. We had set this time aside to talk about something serious, but serious only goes so far on a Saturday morning. Hopped up on varied vices of free-flowing caffeine, we both seemed ready to […]

Respect the Snow

Anyone who has lived a single day here can’t help but think of Michigan when snow falls, no matter where they are today. Being a resident most of my life, I’ve stored a bounty of memories, most of them fond beyond reckoning. I have stepped lively over the slush, as the grey matter threatens to […]

How to be Miserable

In my escape-from-reality novel-writing world, which I don’t get to explore nearly often enough, I’m trying to get to know one of my new characters. I know that sounds weird, but sometime it takes awhile for me to know a character well enough to anticipate what she’s going to say or how she’s going to […]

Investing in Only-Me Work

I blew right through a stop sign the other day. I really have no excuse. We were traveling a street I know well. I had no visual obstructions. There were no distractions, either in the car or on the road. Yet as I came upon the intersection with the glaring red octagon-shaped sign, my husband […]

Celebrate Your Place in Life

So, you’re leisurely enjoying life, taking it one day at a time. You’re minding your own business. Not really bothering anybody. Just serenely living, moment to moment. You’re caught up in the beauty of it all, putting one foot in front of the other on this relaxed path meandering before you. You think, Isn’t this […]

Yesterday’s Failure: Tomorrow’s Success

Something at work. Details aren’t important. Suffice it to say, I didn’t succeed. I experienced a misstep. I came to naught. I don’t like the word failed, but that’s what I did. I failed. I faaiiiled. (Images of the Fonz trying to admit he was wrr-ozzz…well, not exactly right flash before my eyes.) I reacted […]