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Unconditional Hospitality in a Bloodthirsty World

So John and I finally got a chance to see Lone Survivor. Since we were probably the world’s last couple to do so, you no doubt already know how amazing it was. Amazingly shocking. Amazingly brutal. Amazingly raw. The word that struck me most was given just before the credits: “Pashtunwali.” Named for the Pashtun […]

Don’t Wait to Celebrate

I’ll be glad when it’s the weekend. I’ll be glad to get started on the cleaning. Who knows? Maybe John will take me on a date. And maybe he’ll finally put that life-size dancing, singing Santa Claus away that he insisted on installing in our living room during the Christmas season. I’ll be glad if […]

The Dream of the Hover Go-Cart

Okay, so I had this dream. It’s winter, but the sun is shining — glistening off the heaps of snow. Yea! I love days like this. The temperature is fairly decent, and the road has been freshly plowed. No wind. I’m on a go-cart, navigating my way around huge snowballs — let’s just call them […]

How this Early-to-Bed Thing Works

In my life, nothing good ever comes of staying up late. I overeat, make rash decisions, and have trouble shutting down. I thrash more and wake up groggy. I snap and growl upon rising. And before I know it, I’m sniffling, aching, and wondering if that late night was worth it. Tell me I’m not […]

Why Jennifer Grey Should Have Kept Her Nose

I needed buttons. I had just finished the handwork of a little girl’s dress for my Etsy site…you know, the one I will probably never launch? Anyway, all I needed was four simple ¾” buttons that would “go” with the rest of my little masterpiece. I thought about traveling into Muskegon. But Meijer would have […]

Three Characteristics All Habits Share

Keystone habits explain how Michael Phelps became an Olympic champion and why some college students outperform their peers. They describe why some people, after years of trying, suddenly lose 40 pounds while becoming more productive at work and still getting home in time for dinner with their kids. – Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit […]

The Touch That Moved Me

Conference calls…ugh! Though worthwhile, they can be draining, especially after two full days of back-to-backs. I experienced this recently. Near the end of Day Two, I thought I might pull my hair out. I had about 20 minutes before my final call. When I went to refill my water glass…are you kidding me?…I found the […]

Resolutions: Do People Still Make Those?

I walk into my neighborhood McDonalds, like I do almost every morning. The Christmas decorations still hang on the wall and cling to the windows. The music still reflects silver-tinseled Santa Claus renditions and probably will until around the 10th of January. I like the lady behind the counter; she’s one who will actually greet […]