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Communication is in the Eyes

Coast Guard – now that the weather’s turned a little colder, it seems like forever ago. But it’s always the first week of August in Michigan’s little town of Grand Haven, and it’s always time well spent. I learned a few things the last time around, when I finally got up the nerve to battle […]

Chronicles of a Children’s Church Storyteller — Volume One

I had my first round of storytelling at children’s church on Wednesday. How hard could it be, right? Kids are just miniature adults, and I work with adults all the time. I can bring adults to tears with a well-told story or whip them into such a cackle-fest frenzy that they are still left wiping […]

What I Learned from Spider Solitaire

I set far too many expectations for my personal time. This week is no exception. Along with traveling north for a few days with my sisters (no, we didn’t fight, but we sure did laugh a lot), getting the car tires rotated and balanced, sitting for a much-needed cut and color, taking my turn telling […]

What God Said

Ah, the beauty of West Michigan! I have soaked it in, day in and day out — this summer and now into the fall — walking along the shoreline or through the historic neighborhoods, up the dunes or down the forest trails. I have walked a million steps. Okay, I didn’t count. But it had to […]

Just Breathe

Breath is inspiring, isn’t it? No, I’m serious. It’s something we take for granted. We don’t even think about it unless it’s somehow hindered (like when we take a few flights of stairs or when we have a cold or when we have to run away from an oversized frog or something). I was sitting […]

Anna’s Six Rules of Wrestling

I’m a wrestler. Not the type who slips into a singlet and challenges the first person in her weight class who happens to come along. I would lose big. No, I’m the type of wrestler who tries to wrap herself around an idea or thought or problem so fully that she thoroughly understands it and […]