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How to Spot a Nun

Seen a nun lately? Maybe you did but didn’t know it – at least not at first glance. Religious sisters have gotten away from wearing the habit, a traditional symbol of poverty and uniformity. The reasons may be as varied as the orders themselves. Modeled on the dress of the medieval poor, habits no longer […]

Wouldn’t it Just be Easier if I Could Become Samantha Stephens?

I’m at a great stage of life. I’m doing well in my career, singing in church on Sunday, and dabbling in the rental business. I’m writing notes on napkins, going for walks in the woods, and laughing with my grandboys. I’m generally enjoying my quiet life in a quaint village on Michigan’s lakeshore. I have […]

The Knot Prayer

I wish I could take credit for this truly inspirational prayer, or at least give credit where credit’s due. But I have no idea who wrote it. Anyway, I hope you like it can identify with it can use it to overcome the knots…er, nots…in your own life. Dear God, Please untie the knots that […]

The Dream of the Oversized Frog

Okay, so I had this dream. In the dream, John and I had bought a property that hosted two houses. One was a small, blue house with cool, diamond-grid windows a dutch door and weathered, wide-board siding (clearly my favorite of the two) The other was a large, yellow house, with an outdoor stairway leading […]